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The style of gothic clothing

Gothic clothing are greatly infected by architecture, its clothing is characterized by adopting the model of vertical lines and winkles, make the wearer slim, and through the higher cap to increase the height of the body, give a person a kind of lightsome feeling up. Gothic style dress pays special attention to appearance of embossment effect and lines.
Women’s clothing with tight fit, but the skirt is wide, the light weight below, form a cone shape, with a strong decorative. In the middle ages, skirt length is one level markup, only the noble ladies allowed the skirt after touch the floor, and shall have the right to dye it green. The cutting line and decorative lines on the clothes are with longitudinal and vertical lines.
In 13-15 century, the Gothic clothes are the most popular clothes styles. The sharp Henning like a small sharp tower, there are two legs tight pants in different colors, the warped head shoes, the clothes which decorated with asymmetric. Popular Gothic fashion is often asymmetric, but nowadays the so-called gothic fashion is merely a hint of the gothic art breath, it seems more like a business, it makes “Gothic” just like a promotion slogan.
Typical Gothic dress is black turtleneck leather and silver with complex texture, the key is black rim of eye and sad numb expression. For them, it means that some kind of mental state.
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