Rebecca Magdalena (rmsmaelstrom) wrote in gothic_fetish,
Rebecca Magdalena

Closet-clearance: Shoes and Clothing on Ebay (Demonia, Raven, Peter Kaiser, Tamaris, Tim Burton..)

Hey all, I hope this is OK to post. I'm selling a lot of my shoes and clothes and among these are several fetish-items. They are..

Knee-high leather army boots, size 42, very good condition:

Demonia high-heels, size 41, like new:

PVC fullbody catsuit with crotch-zip, size S, very good condition:

Red Peter Kaiser ankle-boots, size 44, very good condition:

Lacey black ballett pumps, size 42, good condition:

Black sandals with small heel, size 42, new with price label:

Gothic Lestat-style frock coat, size L, very good condition:

Gothic velvet top with huge sleeves, size L, like new:

John 5 "The Devil Knows my Name" T-shirt, size M, good condition:

Tim Burton "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" Girly T-shirt, size S, good condition:

Muse "Plug In Baby" Girly T-shirt, size S, good condition:

Below-knee pinstripe pirate/kodona trousers, size S, like new:
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